Training Principles For Women

Author: Utsav Agrawal, INFS Alumni and now Faculty ABSTRACT: Keywords: Female, training, principles, anatomy, resistance It’s no secret that men and women are vastly different creatures but then why should women train like men? Let’s understand about these training principles for women. Woman can do more! Studies suggests that since women have proportionally larger type … Continue reading Training Principles For Women

The Metabolic War

Author :Akshita Arora INFS Faculty Key points: Women have lower Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and basal fat oxidation as compared to the men. Metabolic adaptation is quicker in women as compared to the men. Substrate utilization varies with the different phases of the menstrual cycle in … Continue reading The Metabolic War

Ageing and Exercise for the Elderly

Author: Aditya Mahajan Assessment Division, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS)   Key Points: Aging results in the number of changes in the musculoskeletal system which results in a decline in physical functions and abilities like strength, flexibility, and power are compromised. Regular exercise is known to be an effective intervention for reversing this … Continue reading Ageing and Exercise for the Elderly

Resistance training for Adolescents

​ ​ Author: Aditya Mahajan, Advisor at Assessment Division, INFS Key points: • A compelling body of evidence suggests that properly designed resistance training programs performed under expert supervision are safe for the children and adolescents. • Resistance training does not have any adverse impact on the linear growth in youths. • Resistance training provides a number of … Continue reading Resistance training for Adolescents