Diastasis rectus

What is diastasis rectus? Abdominal muscles form an elaborate corset which supports your stomach contents and your back. The central set of abdominal muscles are the rectus muscles. These aredivided into right and left halves, joined together by a thin, fibrous band of connectivetissue.While you are pregnant, your abdominal (six-pack) muscles stretch to allow room … Continue reading Diastasis rectus

Fitness Coaching and Psychology

A common conception among people is that Fitness and Psychology are subject matter thathave little or no relation to each other. Though there is discussion around the psychologicalbenefits of exercise, there is not enough said in mainstream media and academia about howbasic application of psychology can benefit the fitness coaching industry. This is ironical because … Continue reading Fitness Coaching and Psychology

INFS Alumni : Against All Odds

From Asthma to improper advice, from failing to achieving, from seeking help to now being of help, Hitesh's journey has truly been a battle against the odds. Add to this, the pressure of running a business, he mustered the courage to turn his first unsuccessful attempt to an opportunity to learn and grow. Having had … Continue reading INFS Alumni : Against All Odds

Vegan Diet: Types, Pros and Cons

A lot of people are gradually turning towards the vegan diet. Be it for ethics or for health benefits, the plant-based diet is gaining popularity for multiple reasons. With a balanced vegan diet, you may get all the proteins, minerals, and vitamins required by your body. But, as much as it is beneficial, there are … Continue reading Vegan Diet: Types, Pros and Cons