Fish Oil and It’s Many Benefits

Glowing skin, healthy long hair, reduced risk of stroke, smoother muscle activity and efficient cell growth - these are a few of the possible benefits that can be bagged with the magic potion, that is fish oil. It is considered to be a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids wherein the two omega-3s, namely docosahexaenoic … Continue reading Fish Oil and It’s Many Benefits

Dieting and Socializing

It is the T-G-I-FriYAY evening and you have already leaped out of your office to catch up with your friends. You meet them at your regular restaurant and soon forget your workplace woes. There’s laughter echoing around your table, food being ordered, and pints of beer being clinked to loud cheers! You are having the … Continue reading Dieting and Socializing

Diet and Hair Fall: Are They Connected?

A loss of 50 to 100 hair strands each day is quite common. But, excessive hair fall that causes unusual thinning or bald patches on the head can be considered to be a matter of grave concern. Hair loss becomes a serious issue for some, who in their haste to lose weight rapidly, adopt a … Continue reading Diet and Hair Fall: Are They Connected?

Does a High Protein Diet aid Fat loss?

An initiation into a scientific and quantified approach to nutrition demands a careful reconsideration of the macro allocation in your daily diet. Once you learn the basics ofquantified nutrition, you can begin to appreciate the power of macros to attain your fitness goals. At the very onset of diet planning, you will be acquainted with … Continue reading Does a High Protein Diet aid Fat loss?