The Stubborn Fat

Author :Aditya Mahajan, Assessment Team, INFS Key points: • Men accumulate visceral fat around the mid-section (apple pattern) • Women accumulate subcutaneous fat around their hips and thighs (pear pattern) • Though subcutaneous fat is more difficult to mobilize than visceral fat, greater visceral fat accumulation is found to be linked with obesity-related health issues. • … Continue reading The Stubborn Fat

A Tale of ageing muscle fibers

Author: Arpit Kushwaha, Assessment Division, INFS       Key Points: It has been seen that with an increase in age there are some changes in muscle fibers, and a decrease can be noticed in muscle mass and strength. These changes in muscle fibers were found to be fiber-specific as well. Type II muscle fibers size … Continue reading A Tale of ageing muscle fibers

Muscle fiber-specific training

Author: Aditya Mahajan Assessment division, INFS Key points: • Most people are born with an equal split of fast twitched and slowly twitched fibers and in fact, almost all the muscle groups in your body have an even split of both. • Muscle fiber recruitment is dictated by the Henneman’s size principle. Type I, which … Continue reading Muscle fiber-specific training

Born With it – INFS Health Series: Muscle Fibers Part 2

Author: Utsav Agrawal, Visiting Faculty, INFS KEY-POINTS It has been found that pre-birth period is more important for muscle fiber numbers than a post-birth period but postnatal nutrition is equally important in respect of growth of muscle fibers size. Malnourishment in both the period causes severe implications. Genetics play a key role in muscle fiber composition, … Continue reading Born With it – INFS Health Series: Muscle Fibers Part 2