Understanding Metabolism

Abstract Article 1: Author : Aditya Mahajan, INFS faculty  Keywords: Metabolism, BMR, TDEE, Calories, Fat loss Everybody at some point must have heard the term ‘metabolism’ or you must have heard someone saying my metabolism is slow -I can-not lose weight easily or my metabolism is fast- I am unable to gain weight. So what … Continue reading Understanding Metabolism

Inflammation: Physiological process behind this two edged sword

Author : Jyoti Sehrawat Dabas, Director @ INFS, Doctor of Naturopathy Inflammation is our body’s response to threat. In physical injuries, the immune system triggers cellular repair of the wound and the injury is healed in a few days. But what if the threat is a mental threat perceived by the brain. When faced with … Continue reading Inflammation: Physiological process behind this two edged sword

Period Periodisation

Author: Nikita Rungta, INFS visiting faculty Abstract Women think that when we talk about menstrual cycles, it includes the 4-5 days of feeling grouchy, cramping and discomfort. However, the story is just not limited to this. A menstrual cycle is approximately a four-week process in which hormones like Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone rise and fall … Continue reading Period Periodisation

Training Principles For Women

Author: Utsav Agrawal, INFS Alumni and now Faculty ABSTRACT: Keywords: Female, training, principles, anatomy, resistance It’s no secret that men and women are vastly different creatures but then why should women train like men? Let’s understand about these training principles for women. Woman can do more! Studies suggests that since women have proportionally larger type … Continue reading Training Principles For Women