How to Lose the Bra Bulge?

Author: Akshita Arora, Advanced Coach at FITTR and INFS Faculty

Are you compromising on your clothing because of your bra bulge? Have you given up on sleeveless dresses scared of the unsightly appearance of bra bulge? Are you wondering how to lose this bra bulge and waiting to wear your favourite dress? Read on to know more about how to lose this bra bulge.

What is Bra bulge?

Bra bulge is axillary fat that is also known as armpit fat. Its an extension of your underarm fat and breast tissue. It’s the fat that sticks out from the side of your bra and is usually considered unflattering.

who has it?

Woman who have more body fat are generally more likely to have the bra bulge, however; it can be present in woman with normal body weight and breast size. It is one of the areas with stubborn fat that is present till you drop the body fat to sufficiently lower levels. A bra bulge can also become more prominent due to an ill fitted bra.

what should we do about it?

Most women find the bra bulge unappealing when it pops out of out tank tops or swim suits. Some women with more fat in the arm pit area also tend to avoid wearing sleeveless clothing out of embarrassment.

If you are also someone who is concerned about the bra bulge, then access your fat percentage. The ideal fat percent for women is around 20-22% for general fitness. If your fat percent is more, then you would need right diet and exercise to get rid of the excess fat which eventually reduces the stubborn axillary fat.

If you are already around 20-22% body fat, then you can simply wear your favourite clothes without worrying about the bra bulge, as it is completely normal to have a small bra bulge unlike what social media portrays.


You can not spot reduce your axillary / armpit fat. As your over-all body fat decreases, so does the excess fat across the body. So eat right and exercise to keep your body fat in the ideal range.

Also make sure you buy properly fitted lingerie for your size.

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