INFS Alumini : Keep Sailing Even if the Journey Isn’t Smooth

From being a person who constantly suffered through illnesses to becoming a fitness coach who assists others in becoming healthy, I’ve come a long way. One lesson that has always stayed with me till this date is to keep sailing even if the journey isn’t smooth.”

INFS alumni, Nikita Mankar, speaks of the difficult times she faced in her 20s. Read on to know how the knowledge she gained through INFS helped her become what she is today.

“I was detected with irritable bowel syndrome in my early 20s. I constantly suffered from poor health which affected my mental health, and my confidence hit rock bottom. Even then I had this urge to take control of my health. Being surrounded by people who were into fitness, I felt motivated to lead a disciplined life. I wanted to look good, feel good, and set a routine for myself.

It was then that I found INFS and the organization played a major role in shaping me. I found a structured, well-put course to begin with. The tests and the FTP program, included in the INFS Course, gave me a chance to put my knowledge to use. All of this instilled a lot of confidence in me. While becoming a fitness coach, the greatest lesson I learnt is that you’ll always be a beginner at something.

The journey may not always be smooth, but you gotta keep sailing.

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