5 Habits to Adopt in 2021

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it is that you can’t change things around you but you can make changes within you to cope and adapt better.
Here’s a lowdown of some habits that can help make the coming year better for you!


We’re not saying you have to wake up before the sun rises but wake up on time to give you a head start to the day. By waking up even half an hour earlier than you already do, you’ll get time to clear your head, plan your day in advance and get some much needed me time every morning.

Quick Tip: Get a pet. Those early morning walks are sure to wake you up. Also, Coffee!


You’ve been meaning to do something? You can intend all you want but actions speak louder than words. Many of us are worried to try something new or make a change only because we’re scared, we’ll fail. Even if the end result isn’t what you expected or desired, you’ll certainly have learned something.

Quick Tip: Identify a pattern of the tasks you tend to procrastinate on and finish them in the first part of the day.


Yourself, first. We’re all trying our best and if you learn to forgive yourselves and others, you’ll walk right out of the ‘victim mindset’. Many of us cling to our past mistakes and hold them responsible for our present and the future. By letting go of them, you begin to start living in the present. It’s time to end the pity party!

Quick Tip: Write the names of 5 people you’d like to forgive. Look at them, think about them and then, strike names out one by one saying, “I forgive you (person’s name)”. Do this for real!


Optimism never hurt anyone but being foolish did. This entire culture of being positive all the time, as if everyone needs to view the world with rose coloured glasses is just not real! It’s time to normalise all the negative emotions we all go through on a daily basis. You’re feeling low- talk, reach out, share, discuss. Be cautiously optimistic, be it at work, with family, life or people in general.
Always have a plan B.

Quick Tip: When posed with a decision, think positively but also think about the ‘worst case
scenario’. Expect the best but be prepared for the worst.


In times like today when things are rapidly changing and we are transitioning to a faster, more digital reality, We don’t know how many jobs are soon going to be replaced by AI however, we do know one thing- the human brain is wired to adapt. There is no end to learning. And, it is never too late to start. Make it a point to learn something new and it need not be everyday, maybe every week or month.

Quick Tip: Note down a question you have on your mind early in the day and attempt to have it answered by the night. Read a page from a book or just look it up when you have time. You’ll certainly be surprised by how much you still don’t know.

Remember, for something to go from a resolution to a habit, takes time.

Is there something you resolved to do this year?
Let us know in the comment below.

Author : Saakshi, A psychologist by education and a fitness enthusiast by choice, she dreams to combine these worlds. Content writing and social media management is a passion that keeps her in the constant learner mode.

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