Dieting and Socializing

It is the T-G-I-FriYAY evening and you have already leaped out of your office to catch up with your friends. You meet them at your regular restaurant and soon forget your workplace woes. There’s laughter echoing around your table, food being ordered, and pints of beer being clinked to loud cheers! You are having the best time socializing with your friends and right there, this guilt finds its way to your mind, stressing you out for having shoved your diet plan down the drain. Aah, what a relatable situation this is, that most of us might have experienced!

Be it a wedding, an office party, or any social outing, some of us, while on diet, get stressed out when such events stare us right in the face. As most of these social events are centered around food, it isn’t surprising that many fear of getting derailed from their diet track. The stress drives some of us to the point where we even consider not to socialize at all. Unfortunately, we are then perceived as socially awkward individuals or at times even thought to be anti-social. 

But, what if you are told that it is possible to diet as well as socialize to not only pamper your fit body but also caress your extrovert, socializing self! Read on and pocket the tips given below to continue being the “social you” while dieting. 

. Be strategic about your food –  Instead of just warily eyeing your options at the food counters of these social events, go ahead and pick up a plate to fill half of it or a little less with vegetables. Then move on to fill up lean protein sources like chicken, fish, or paneer in one quarter of the plate. The remaining portion of the plate can have carbohydrate sources like rice or lentils. Remember to keep yourself away from any carbonated drinks like mocktails or aerated drinks. But, you can always have the dietary versions, if available, as they contain negligible calories.

. Keep alcohol intake under moderation – Alcohol impacts muscle recovery as well as negatively affects fat loss. It has 7 calories per gram and moreover, it stimulates hunger. Having said that, FITTR coach Praveen Budhrani says that it is okay to have alcohol in moderation if your social circle demands it. Just make sure you count the calories coming from it and stay off of the supplementary drinks or food items that surround the alcohol like peanuts, aerated fruit juices, and cold drinks.

. Avoid arriving hungry at the event – Some of us typically believe that we can “save calories”  to fill up the quota at the social event. We skip lunch or eat a very light meal or snacks throughout the day, rationalizing that such behavior will “balance out” the total calorie intake for the day. Well, you cannot be more wrong, friend! There are high chances that this may backfire if you are new to Quantified Nutrition. It would rather be smart to spread the excess calories three to four days post-event.

. Shift focus away from food – Lastly, try and keep yourself away from food and do not fret too much about it. You can focus on greeting other guests at the event, get involved in conversations, dance around and simply enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Doesn’t this seem just like the FriYAY evening we spoke about! Well, it is all one and the same, just enjoyed with a little mindfulness.

With that being said, you can cast away your fears of socializing while dieting. Follow the simple tips mentioned above and you will continue to be the social animal that you have always been!           

Post by Praveen Budhrani, INFS alumini and Fittr coach & Eloborated by Ketki, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering who took to writing for reaching the masses.

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