Hidden Impact of Superfoods on Weight Loss Goals

Speak of dieting and the first advice you might receive is – ‘start eating healthy foods’. While the advice is quite natural and good, many of us get influenced by the idea that food items are classified as ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’. We hardly give a thought as to why they have been labeled so. Often, most of us crawl through the numerous online articles that mention all the healthy food options but we never spend a moment in understanding what makes them healthy for our bodies. 

Coined as ‘fitness food’ or ‘healthy food’ until recent times, the fitness and nutrition lingo now has a new term for them called ‘superfoods’. With the growing public interest in nutrition and food, this word has been abuzz with the attention it has been garnering. But, are superfoods really effective? Or do they have any “hidden” impact on your fitness goals? Read on and know if the superfoods hold any superpower to aide weight loss or if they simply might prove to be a roadblock. 

What are Superfoods?

There is no textbook definition of superfoods. As mentioned earlier, it is just a new term making its presence felt in the dictionary of food and nutrition. We may describe a superfood as a nutrient-rich food, one that proves to be beneficial for our health. If you are eating a food item that is full of minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients then you are probably munching on a superfood. Some of the commonly considered ‘healthy’ food choices include nuts, salads, fruit juices, chia seeds, protein bars/health bars, green tea, and more. 

Do Superfoods Really Aide Weight Loss?   

At first glance, superfoods may come across as superheroes with a cape, attempting to get you out of the clutches of those pesky extra pounds. Besides helping you lose weight, the presence of antioxidants might even benefit you further. Being all nutrient-dense, how can they prove to not be healthy otherwise, right? 

But, here is the catch. As mentioned right at the beginning, we usually tend to simply dig in and devour food that is labeled healthy. In order to keep up with your resolution of eating only healthy to lose weight, you might find yourself falling prey to fitness branding. Sadly, fitness branding may have a negative effect on weight-controlling behavior. In fact, according to research conducted on fitness branding, people who are aiming to lose weight tend to over-consume food that is labeled as ‘healthy food’ or ‘fitness food’. Like any other food source, they have calories too, and so, they will cause weight gain if abused.


Superfoods might help a few in losing weight. But, in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, all you need to do is apply the basic concept of energy balance. According to the principle of energy balance, you will be able to lose weight when the number of calories you burn will be more than the number of calories you consume. Without applying this concept, “superfoods” might just burn a hole in your pockets and rarely help in weight loss. If your goal is to lose weight, instead look at other options of food that may not be branded as superfoods but might fit in with your calorie target.

About the Author : Ketki H is a wandering soul who loves travelling solo, and firmly believes in enjoying the journey rather than hurrying to the destination. Although a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, she took to writing for reaching the masses.

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