INFS Alumni : Against All Odds

From Asthma to improper advice, from failing to achieving, from seeking help to now being of help, Hitesh‘s journey has truly been a battle against the odds. Add to this, the pressure of running a business, he mustered the courage to turn his first unsuccessful attempt to an opportunity to learn and grow. Having had ups and downs in his own fitness journey, today, his aim is to reach out to his clients in their lowest phase and make them reach their potential. Read more about his journey here. 

My Fitness journey actually started because I was asthmatic since childhood. I never used to get invited for any sports or extra-curricular activities at school, always that guy last to be picked. It was 25th November 2007 when I first entered the gym. I would get breathless as soon I used to try any kind of strenuous exercise, I knew I needed to fix the problem.

I began running. Initially, even 200 metre run at was difficult, more so with an inhaler in my hand. Slowly, I started seeing improvement not only in running but in gym as well. I decided to take part in the Delhi Half marathon (22.8 km distance), for which I had 3 months to prepare. It was then that I decided to run without an inhaler.

What I’ve learnt with this , Life will always throw difficulties at you, it’s up to you to decide what to do with them. I was underweight and I almost tried everything that gym trainers usually suggest like banana, sattu, protein powder BCAA’s, Gainers even steroids, but these were short-cuts that didn’t give me the aesthetic body I wished for.

In september 2016, my friend introduced me to this group fittr ( SQUATS then). After looking at a picture of Anupam Adarsh Mishra, I enrolled with a Fittr mentor, saw good results but following the group made me understand that this is an ongoing process and not a 3 month transformation journey. I decided to do the INFS Foundation course, which my father opposed as I was handling my father’s business and even faced challenges with the course content as I am from an Arts background.
I joined Fitline as a Fitline buddy in July 2017.

You must’ve heard this phrase – Failure is important and in my case, failure made me stronger. I failed in foundation course, expert course, Onboarding interview, Fitline interview and even in FTP’s, cleared everything in the second attempt. I got on boarded as a coach on 1st March 2018 and just in a year Fittr alloted me one of the Squats centre also. Till date, I’ve trained close to 1200 clients, offline and online all inclusive.

I’ ve learnt from that failing and giving up is not a choice. Try, try till you succeed. It’s not about the money, it never was, it’s about the care and the zeal of helping people actually. Remember, a client has many expectations in mind and sometimes gets demotivated when not meeting what they’ve expected, that’s the time when they need you the most. You don’t grow when you promote yourself, you grow when people promote you.

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