Why it is about time women take Protein seriously

While it is a common occurrence for men to discuss (more like debate) protein in gym locker rooms or even on the internet, women, even those who can out-squat their male counterparts, are usually missing in action when it comes to the topic of protein. In the Greek language, protein is called proteos which means ‘’primary’’, correctly so because it truly is a building block. Even though protein is always linked only to muscle growth and sustenance, it actually can be hugely beneficial for your overall well-being and even immunity. Equipped with essential amino acids, it is an absolute necessity to make life thrive. 9 of the 20 amino acids that constitute protein are essential, which means that the body cannot produce them and thus is dependent on dietary intake to fulfill their requirements.

Are you getting enough?

Most women shy away from consuming even the bare minimum daily recommended intake, 0.8 gm per kg. This amount actually represents those that are sedentary and even moderately active women certainly require much more. Those who are active and lifting weights regularly would need to increase their daily intake adequately. Generally speaking, 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight can serve as a guideline, the end of the range being for those into competitive fitness or vigorous strength training (1,2). It is best to evaluate your intake depending on your lifestyle.

Perhaps, the first question that comes to a woman’s mind is, ‘Will protein consumption make me bulk up?’ The answer, of course, is that it definitely will not. In fact, a study has shown that it may just contribute in minimizing highly desirable lean mass loss during weight loss (3) and help you look toned.

Women need to think about Protein too

Not too many women think about it enough and thus, their diet is more probably deficient in protein. Men, women and even young children need proper protein intake.  Whether you are an endurance athlete, dancer, lifter or even a homemaker, there are many benefits, namely;

  1. Adequate protein intake will satiate your hunger for longer and regulate your appetite, resulting in that waistline you have been yearning for.
  2. Three words we are all looking for; Lean Muscle Mass. Protein will not only help you build but also recover and strengthen the muscle you have worked during exercise. Muscles, just like abs, are also built in the kitchen. The amino acids present in proteins are indispensible for muscle building and growth.
  3. A strong immune system is also aided by the consumption of protein. In these times of a pandemic, immunity is on everyone’s mind and one sure shot way to improve it is to up your protein intake.
  4. Protein regulates the functioning of various hormones of the body thereby, maintaining hormonal balance.
  5. Luscious hair, shining skin and great nails. Yep, need I say more?

The Last Word

Plan your diet with accessible and readily available sources of protein that can benefit you and your entire family in a sustainable manner. In fact, it might even be a great idea to plan a cheat meal which is rich in protein. As long as you are consuming the adequate amount of protein, do not worry about bulking up and let the gains begin!

About the Author : A psychologist by education and a fitness enthusiast by choice, Saakshi dreams to combine these worlds. Content writing and social media management is a passion that keeps her in the constant learner mode.


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