INFS Alumni Story – Post Pregnancy Journey towards Fitness

Hi, I am Sudipta Dash and am extremely glad and excited to share that I have successfully completed both INFS Foundation and Expert courses within 3 months with a score of 99 percentile.

My journey towards fitness started post my pregnancy. Though I was always thin throughout my life,  post-pregnancy i gained weight and it had put me under lot of stress. I was not even able to hold my baby for a long time and felt tired always.

In a desperate attempt to be lean and go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I started my journey with crash diets and hours on treadmill, which made me lose weight drastically but also made me look very skinny and unhealthy. Even after losing 21kgs weight (from 75Kg to 54kg), I was struggling to get rid of all the skinny fat I had. That’s when I realised all this happened as i did not have any knowledge about fitness and nutrition. And in my search to gain knowledge,i came across the FITTR group (Thanks to FB for the recommendation) and i was amazed to see the perfect abs of the Fit Moms and that made me start my own transformation.  I started reading the “Get Shredded” document and gained fair knowledge about macronutrient calculation and training variables. “Huge respect and thanks to Jitendra Chouksey sir for creating a great platform”.

But definitely everyone’s body is different and one solution won’t fit all. To get rid of my skinny fat and also to understand the science behind Fitness and Nutrition, I wanted to gain Knowledge on the same and  that’s when my journey with INFS started.

Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) is established with the intent of providing comprehensive and practical knowledge in Nutrition and Fitness. Thanks to Jyoti Dabas ma’am for coming up with such a great platform and helping people to gain knowledge about fitness.

INFS not only helped me get rid of many myths about food and training, but also helped me understand the concept better. As I am outside India, I initially had many fears and doubts, as to how will i be able to clarify any doubts regarding the course and get help from the team. But I was amazed to see the detailed course material, live sessions, INFS scholar forum, articles by scholars and mentors and the prompt response from the team. In spite of being in UAE, a different time zone, I never felt disconnected from the INFS team.

A big thank you to the entire INFS team, faculties who helped me gain knowledge, which helped me not just in my transformation but also to help my family and friends on their fitness journey. Being a Mom of a 4 yr old toddler who is a fussy eater, the information and knowledge helps me keep my child healthy and active which is the top most priority for every Mom. When you are clear about the concept, you can do wonders with anybody’s fitness journey.

There is a saying “Your Fitness is 100% mental! Your body doesn’t go, where your mind doesn’t push it”. You have to make your mind understand the concept and your body will follow the same.


My journey has just started.

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