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INFS offers not just an Online Nutrition Course but also teaches about principles of exercise and fitness as part of the same course. The INFS Online Nutrition Course is divided into 2 levels – Foundation and Expert. You can do one after the other or enrol into both Foundation + Expert together.

The Nutrition portion of the course material starts with the basics about what constitutes good nutrition. The calculation of calories that forms the base of Diet Planning for Weight Loss or Weight Gain is discussed in detail. Further, as a beginner one gets to learn in detail about each of the Macronutrient – Carbs, Fats and Proteins. What is their importance in the body, the nutrients’ timings, as well as the optimal requirements of each are explained on the basis of one’s goals.

Online Nutrition Courses by INFS – Foundation Level and Expert Level

Finally, we cover how to design your own fitness plan. More than any other exercise type, INFS promotes resistance training as the best when it comes to transforming one’s body – whether that be to lose weight or to put on muscles. You will also learn about Supplements, the different types and what research says about the use of each.

The Expert content is created keeping in mind the requirements of a person to then become a professional in this field. In the Expert Course, you will learn about Metabolism, Dieting Strategies in addition understand how to design a training plan for your clients. A unique feature of Expert course is an internship, whereby you will train client’s live and gain the practical experience of guiding someone to their health goal.

What sets apart INFS’s Online Nutrition Course from the others?

INFS ONLINE NUTRITION Course was developed keeping in mind the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts. We have taken all the latest research on various topics and compiled them into the course. Our advisory board consists of leading scientists, researchers and experts in this field. All of them are individually and together are leading the charge against busting the crippling myths so rampant in this industry. We have associated with them to keep our course content updated with the latest in research and can confidently claim as the best evidence-based Nutrition and Fitness course provider in the country today.

All the theory is backed by end of chapter quizzes, case studies and supplementary video lectures by the faculty. In the case of Expert course, you get to take part in a unique Client Transformation experience where you implement all your learnings. 

All our faculty at INFS are practicing Nutrition and Fitness Coaches. They have transformed over 1000 clients each and are experts in their subjects. We at INFS believe that education is empowering and we are keen to do our part in imparting scientifically correct information in this field of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences.

Are the INFS Courses Accredited?

The relevant INFS Online Nutrition Course, i.e. both the Foundation and Expert courses, have received international accreditation from CPD (Continuing Professional Development), UK. INFS is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and further has been recognised by the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy of the Government of India.

Once you complete INFS Expert course, you will receive the accredited credentials of being a ‘Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant’. Moreover, with our international accreditation, you will earn CEC (Continuing Education Credits) that you can use towards recertification requirements by international fitness providers.

What are my career prospects after finishing these courses?

It is important to understand that in India, you cannot use the title of ‘Dietician’ or ‘Nutritionist’, unless you have completed a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in this subject. Regardless of the quality of knowledge you hold, these titles cannot be used by someone holding a Certificate in India. The rules are less stringent in other countries and you have to do your own research into it. However, you can provide nutrition and exercise plans to clients who have been cleared medically to participate in exercise. Several times our alumni work with the primary care provider of a client in improving their nutrition and get them to start a regular exercise plan. You may use titles like ‘Fitness Coach’, ‘Healthy Coach’, ‘Nutrition and Fitness Consultant’, etc to let your clients know of your profession. 

We provide support to our graduate of Expert course in getting an interview call from one of the premier online fitness company, Fittr. We are one of the certified providers of Coaches to Fittr. Several hundred of our graduates have found a happy home working with Fittr as a Coach.

Should I do Foundation or Expert or enroll in them together? 

If you are not sure whether you want to pursue this as a profession, you are better off to start with the Foundation course. Learn and practice the principles on yourselves. You can enroll into the Expert course once you have cleared your Foundation Exam to progress from there is you so decide.

However, if you are clear that you want to become a professional in this field, you can enroll into the Foundation + Expert option. This will provide you immediate access to all the course material and you can earnestly start studying to clear the certifications at the earliest. Keep in mind though, from your date of course enrolment, you have until one year to clear both exams. 

How are INFS ONLINE NUTRITION courses so affordable?

At INFS, our objective is to provide practical information at affordable costs. Except for our core operations team, we keep our staffing lean. We truly believe in the online education industry and are able to provide affordable world class education to our students keeping this philosophy central in all our efforts.

We want to reach the maximum people and the only way to do this in India is to keep the pricing affordable. An INFS graduate can earn back the course fees within the first month of starting work with a company like Fittr or even starting to take in clients on their own.

What other courses are offered by INFS?

Our other Online Nutrition Course is the Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS)

Another popular course is the Exercise Science Specialist (ESS) which along with the theory and video lectures includes over 70 hours of practical sessions in the gym with our faculty. This is currently limited to the cities of Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. 

Short video courses in Diet Planning, etc are also available starting April 2020. These are completely online.

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