News – ESS 2.0 Course Launch

The Exercise Science Specialist (ESS) Certification by INFS was created for those who wanted to learn about the principles of exercise, anatomy and physiology. In its new avatar, this course now includes practical workshops over 24 (3-hour) sessions with INFS faculty. 

Exercise Science Specialist (ESS) Course components leading to Personal Trainer level certification with INFS

The course was launched on the 15th of February, 2020 in the cities, of Pune, New Delhi and Bangalore.

Also included in the course now are additional video content that supplements the theory. The videos are led by Rupesh Chaudhary, the founder of Applied Athletics and the Head Coach at Recomp Fitness, Pune. 

An ESS certified student will have the opportunity to apply to become a Personal Trainer at the soon to be launched home training service by FITTR. Clients of Fittr can then book their personal workout sessions and avail the services of our Certified Experts.

If you are considering a career as a Personal Trainer in a gym, fitness centre, or even as a freelancer through various platforms, you can now select this ESS course without hesitation.

Further, it is the most affordable and comprehensive course in Personal Training. It has the content and practical training modules to match any course whether in India or even Internationally. 

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