The Secret Behind Weight Loss Plateau !

Author:Dr-Akshay Alawani, INFS Faculty Head 

A  weight loss plateau scientifically occurs when expenditure and consumption of calories equate each other. 

The biggest excuse that is given to an occurrence of weight loss plateau is ‘metabolic slowdown’. We coaches have heard this statement numerous times that my metabolism is so slow that I am unable to lose weight or fat. Despite of very less food intake, they have come to the point where there is no more progress. This is not true.
In 2014, a simulated mathematical model was developed by using four highly reliable experiments. This experiment considered behavior associated fluctuations with respect to dietary adherence and it also considered component of ‘metabolic slowdown’ in the first mathematical model. This model resulted in early weight loss stagnancy. The results were compared to a model with perfect adherence. When compared, it was evident that second model kept showing excellent results opposed to the first one.

Early plateau (after ~6 months) is actually reflection of changing dietary habits. Metabolic adaptability is a reality, no one is denying that. However, these models even considered unrealistic levels of metabolic adaptations. Those metabolic adaptations were still not high enough to cause the dreaded ‘plateau’.
In simple words, person that claims that he is not losing weight despite of eating as low as 1500 calories, might be eating quite more than that. Underestimation of caloric intake by subjects is found in multiple experiments again and again. Such people, they tend to consider themselves highly adherent but they are not.

So look at your dietary intake again, fix your habits and break your plateau !

Edit : This is simulated model and it can have errors. However, evidence of lack of dietary adherence in diet after initial few months, is reported in human subjects in various experiments.


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