INFS Alumni Story – Lawyer to Nutrition Consultant

I aspired to be a lawyer. I was in 4th year of my law school and was going through a bad phase physically and mentally. I was obese, weighed 106 kg, and was going through several medical issues. During this tough phase, I decided to take charge of my life and work on my health. I lost weight following various fad diets, which were obviously not the healthy ones. I came to know that there is group called SQUATS and it helps people to reach their fitness goals. I had no idea that it was a full-fledged incorporated company.

I used to go through all the posts on the group and read every consultant’s response to queries because I wanted to learn more and more. Then found out that all these consultants have completed their certifications from INFS. I researched and read more about INFS and decided to pursue both the courses that INFS was offering that time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money to enroll in these courses. So, I decided to work in some call center to save money.

Simultaneously I also wrote an email to Bala (Director, INFS) asking for an internship for next four months in lieu of a scholarship as my stipend, and fortunately he agreed for the same. After few days, I was interviewed and hired as intern at INFS. That was the moment which changed the course of my career. From being a buddying lawyer, my life took a U turn and I became a fitness professional. Once I got this opportunity, I decided to give it my best shot.

I wonder when people say they don’t get enough time to study or manage their work. I used to attend my classes from morning 9:00 am till 6:00 pm and then used to work as a part time intern under a lawyer from 7:00 pm till 11:00 pm or sometimes till 12:00 pm. It was not easy to take out time while managing college, running law internship along with whatever work I was assigned from INFS as an intern to study, but it wasn’t impossible. I used to study on my mobile phone whenever I found little time. When others partied, I stayed back and used that time to upgrade my knowledge.

The journey didn’t stop there, it kept going. Not only did I clear my foundation and expert certification, I was also offered a pre-placement offer by Jyoti Dabas (Founder, INFS) for which I’ll be thankful all my life.

Along with getting a job as a full-time employee in INFS, I also cracked SQUATS onboarding interview and got onboarded as a consultant.

My two cents for all the people who are struggling to understand their calling-

Guys, always listen to your heart, it knows where you are supposed to be. Trust yourself and trust others. Whatever you seek, seeks you. Read more, learn more, live more. Always stay hungry and keep helping others. Do not seek money, it will follow you eventually once you start seeking your passion whole heartedly.

9 thoughts on “INFS Alumni Story – Lawyer to Nutrition Consultant

  1. That was such a nice story.. Just so simple and profound at the same time. Thanks for sharing it Arpit. 🙂

  2. This shows your passion towards your Goal & Commitment towards your dream. Very inspiring. Hats Off.

  3. Such a motivation to listen to this. I have taken a similar step today and this is the first post i have gone through. Best of luck to you

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