Podcast EP2: Sleep introduction

In the second episode of the INFS podcast, Nachiketh Shetty (faculty, INFS) and Utsav Agarwal(faculty, INFS) discuss one of the three most important areas of fitness, sleep; Nutrition and Exercise being the other two.

It was important to speak about sleep and discuss the downsides of compromising sleep as there is very little awareness about its importance. Despite being perfect with the diet and workout, there always will be a point where you or your clients will see little to no progress and more often than not, insufficient sleep will be one of the main reasons behind it. The two faculties will try to just scratch the surface when discussing about this topic here in the short podcast.

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  1. Melatonin supplementation – If a person is taking on regular basis ..does it’s effectiveness fades away with time?

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