Story of A Nutrition consultant who was once an INFS scholar

Author : Matin Shaikh , INFS Alumni ,Ex INFS Faculty

Those were the times JC used to pick deserving people up from the SQUATS FB group and sponsor them for SQUATS academy (now INFS) courses. I feel really lucky to have been picked up by him and directly put into the Pilot Expert batch along with many other deserving candidates.


I still remember 24 May, 2016; i received an email to register for the course, that’s where I began my journey with INFS.

That time I used to do a full time IT job, used to lead my team, and study for my INFS course along with my ISSA certification too. I still remember how I used to squeeze out time to study, like during the lunch hours I used to study and eat at the same time. During my office commute, used to open the material on my phone and study. Sacrificed few outings on weekends, so that I could dedicate more time learning about this ever growing field of Fitness.

During the FTP, I was assigned one of the faculties as my FTP mentor from whom I have learnt a lot and still learning a lot. That’s Aniketh Shetty. He is amazing. 

Days past, and I cleared INFS expert course, the interview, transformation test, FTP ratings, research article and was finally onboarded. The dream of me becoming a professional fitness consultant just so that I could transform many lives was finally getting true. I was excited and got happier when I was one of the top few debutants who got their slots filled up within 24 hrs. 

But my journey with INFS didn’t stop there. The hunger in me to keep learning didn’t stop there. I showed interest in joining INFS, Interview was conducted and I was onboarded as afaculty member along with some other roles in INFS. It was roughly a 6 month stint with INFS, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with lots of learning and guiding the INFS scholars to do better in their course

Yes, you guessed that right, at once I used to do 3 jobs.

Fast forward, 1.7 years later, today I am a Premium consultant with SQUATS.

Yes I am still doing my IT job due to some reason. I do make sure that neither of the jobs are getting affected. It’s all about learning the art of time management. Officially, guided close to 600 clients from all across the globe and thousands through our FB group. Best moment so far was when someone told me this 

“I have all the money in the world and can buy whatever I want to, but the things you have done to me with my fitness levels is something no money can buy” and she got extremely emotional.

This is what work satisfaction is all about. If you are not making someone’s life better daily, then you may just be wasting your life. 

Coming from a village where I was the first ever graduate, to working for one of the best wellness company in the world, the Journey has been difficult, but freaking amazing!!!

People still ask me how I managed to get my slots filled consistently and till date never has even one been empty. 

My suggestion to all of them is still the same. Help as many people as possible. Be it through the SQUATS group, or by your articles or by your workout videos or by anything which actually helps the people / society.  Trust me, if you are helping them just with the thought of getting onboarded or such, then please don’t. Because sooner than later your shine will go off. Help because you actually want to help and karma pays it back to you in many ways. I used to comment in the SQUATS group a lot during those times not because i wanted to get on board or something, it was because the inner self in me , got that platform to help people and I was only doing one job that time so had lot of time. However, before helping people out, I was the silent reader in the group. Reading all the comments from my seniors and learning from it. You wont believe for the initial 6 months or so from the time I joined SQUATS FB group. I made 0 comments in the group as I wanted to learn first and then start helping people with a bang. That’s precisely what I did. Money was never an issue, I was earning fine enough in my IT company

The day when you start doing things for which you may or may not be rewarded, that’s the day you will actually start getting rewarded in many ways. Stay humble always. 

Few tips to the guys who are looking to become SQUATS consultants:

1) Take your INFS curriculum very seriously. It’s easy only if you give your mind and heart into it or else it can get difficult.

2) Help people because you really want to!

3) Stay hungry, which will keep you going for longer. I still claim that I dont know many things in training and nutrition, hence I too always keep learning.

4) Stay active in the exclusive FB group for INFS scholars, the kind of discussions happening there is next level.

5) Work on your communication skills. Stand in front of the mirror and practice the art. 

6) Never stay/get unfit. NEVER!!

I would like to take this opportunity from the bottom of my heart to express my extreme gratitude to INFS both as a scholar and as an ex faculty to help me shape my life into something amazing.

You guys rock!!!

Matin Shaikh

-INFS Expert scholar

-Ex- INFS Faculty

-Premium SQUATS Consultant

-ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

-Electronics Engineer

-Software Professional

-Ex Physics and Math’s Teacher

12 thoughts on “Story of A Nutrition consultant who was once an INFS scholar

  1. You are an inspiration My Brother n will Always Remain So.
    Keep Changing Peoples life so that they can understand there true potential.
    All The Best for your Future Endeavours.

  2. Firstly Matin, very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it! Kudos to your effort in shaping your journey!

  3. I agree. “Help as many people as possible.” – Thats precisely what I belive in and doing without any expecation for monetary return. For my daily bread, I put my day in a bank. For rest fo the day and weekend I love to help people around fitness with no expecation in return from them :). The satisfaction which one gets, is not comparable with anything which money can buy.

  4. You have proved that nothing is impossible in life. Also your honesty & dedication shows your in post. You journey is really inspiring to many people.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Wishing you all the best.

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