Journey from being an overweight girl to a nutrition consultant

Author: Lalitha Lakshman , S.Q.U.A.T.S consultant

I grew up as a fat kid with absolutely no interest in sports or any extra curricular activities. The weight gaining phase had finally reached a point where I had no other option than turning towards exercise as a solution.
According to the persistent beliefs every girl who joins a gym spend hours and hours running on the tread mill. I did the same and spent 4-5 hours sticking to only cardio. Eventually I realised that the results were not sustainable and after some google search I stumbled upon the fact that weight training would provide more sustainable results in fat loss .


I started weight training and my condition was changing now. That was when I met Anupam Adarsh Mishra(S.Q.U.A.T.S consultant )in the gym.He suggested me to pursue the expert course at INFS.
It turned out to be the best advice I followed . I joined INFS as a scholar and started my learning on nutrition and exercise science. I got my concepts cleared while they were taught with scientific backing and structured manner. Modules and practice sessions like FTP client handling opened new horizons in my endeavour.



After finishing my course successfully I got onboard into the panel of consultants at S.Q.U.A.T.S in April 2017. I hit the 200 client mark in January. It has been a rewarding job for me and I would enjoy continuing this learning process further.

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