A sneak peek into the 30 day FTP program

One of the most unique aspects of INFS syllabus is the FTP program in the expert course. The scholars get assigned real clients to work with for a period of 4 weeks. This is a much valued experience both for the FTP client and our students. Several times theory is not enough and it needs to be applied and worled through in practical situations. Moreover it teaches the students the importance of good communication skills and increases their confidence. FTP clients also get a flavour of online coaching in reaching their fitness goals. They are not disappointed

Parvati Godara is one such client who joined the FTP program early in 2017. Her goal was to lose her post pregnancy weight and continue to get fit with each passing day. Her clear goals and determination helped her sail through the 4 weeks of the program.

After she was assigned a mentor (INFS scholar Siddharth Lall) she started her FTP journey. Here is what Siddharth had to say about his FTP client, Parvati, “She stuck to the diet and workout diligently from Day 1. Moreover she also kept me in the loop by giving almost daily updates. This approach helped me a lot in monitoring her progress and mapping out following weeks’ plan”. As a result of her sincerity and dedication she lost 4.5kg (78 kg down to 73.5 kg) in a matter of 30 days and saw amazing inch loss.” Congratulations Parvati!

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We checked with Siddharth about what he learnt about consulting clients that he did not realise before, he tells us – following sustainable strategies and client friendly plans. He says, “I made sure my client did not feel stressed while dieting. I took her diet history before preparing the chart which was very important. She wasn’t ready to join a gym so I planned a home workout for her. I motivated her to buy a pair of dumbbells and the whole workout was designed from that.” Parvati, all through the program felt comfortable and gained confidence from the support that she received from her super INFS scholar mentor, Siddharth Lall.

Every coach and consultant has a different style of advising clients. Some prefer making the client comfortable while others believe some tough love will motivate them. These things you cannot teach but one has to discover what works for them and most importantly for their client. Thank you Parvati and Siddharth for sharing your FTP journey with us!

PS: FTP clients registration opens on the 10th of every month, the link is shared on the FB group. Because of the volume of entries, we cannot guarantee everyone will be selected into the program and selection is done on ‘first come first serve’ basis

PPS: Parvati continues her healthy lifestyle and Siddharth Lall will be appearing for his SQUATS interview soon for on-boarding. Best wishes to both on their onwards journey!

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