A day in the life of a Nutrition Consultant : Siddesh Vojhala

Author: Siddesh Vojhala
I was overweight. The scale’s maximum limit was 130kgs. I had reached that stage and thought this is how I now need to spend my entire life, sacrificing everything and basking in my own set of insecurities, that too at an age of 24. Plot twist, I am a Nutrition and Fitness Consultant with SQUATS.

My name is Siddesh Vojhala, and I did all the wrong things which we basically avoid during our initial years of the fitness journey. I indulged in excessive cardio, locked my knees while doing leg presses and was scared of carbs. Due to my excessive weight and wrong execution of the exercises for a prolonged period of time, I did lose quite a lot of weight, but I tore my right knee’s ACL.

Hailing from a middle class family, the expense for the surgery was a bit high. I was bed ridden for a good 4 months and I felt really bad, that because of my stupidity, I am responsible for my own condition. I could’ve done things in a better manner. During my rehabilitation period, I was a part of the SQUATS group and I started by reading the ‘PINNED POST’. Since then, everything changed.The whole of 2016 and the next 10 months of 2017, my income as an individual was ZERO! I didn’t have the money to even enroll for the foundation course of INFS. Not that I couldn’t ask my father, but I was ashamed to. I had to borrow the money.

ACL tear, bed ridden - 2nd Transformation

I participated in TC3.0 and was one of the top 100 finalists. Cleared my Foundation and Expert (courses at INFS) and cracked the interview too, being from a commerce background. If you love the subject, it doesn’t matter what your background is.

There was only one goal. I wanted to see myself on the SQUATS website, as a Nutrition and Fitness consultant. I really never cared about the money I’ll make as a consultant, the only thing which mattered was, I want to do something.

I’ve never made the amount of money, I am making with SQUATS! From gifting a phone to my father, to paying my family’s grocery bills, I can do them all, with ease. It made me re-invent myself, and taught me why not to give up on your dreams.

I start my day at 10am, with designing plans and taking updates from my clients. When it comes to my work, I am very strict. In order to achieve your goals, one has to be crazy and passionate about it. Either you are all in, or all out. There is no ‘in between’.From 1-3pm, is my gym time. I reach home, have my protein shake and get back to work again. Post which, I talk to my clients as per the scheduled appointments to solve their doubts to provide clarity. I also dedicate a ‘me’ time to read and learn the latest researches to be in the game. It’s an ocean of knowledge, I try to take a glass from it, everyday.

I have never seen such a dedicated and disciplined work place ever. Everything is so elegantly managed. You have the liberty to talk to any of the department heads to solve your doubts, and everyone is so friendly and down to earth. All the co-consultants are always there to help you when needed. Here, everyone is treated equally. You have the liberty to share an idea/voice an opinion with the department heads or the founders themselves. They take your opinions very seriously.

From the operations team to Fitline and Fitmag, from the HR and Finance team to the INFS team and the Directors themselves, the support system is unparalleled. The best part is that I don’t feel like I am working for a company, I feel like I am doing something which I like to do, with my family.

Since 1st December 2017, I have started working full time with SQUATS. This is my calling and I found it. Take the leap of faith, risk it. In the end, either you win or you learn, but it will definitely teach you something.

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  1. Your journey is really inspiring to many people. Really the happiness lies only in doing noble deeds, One of them is helping others to achieve their goal.

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