Resource List for Free Access to Full Text Research Articles

The high subscription fees for Research journals limits their accessibility to only a few. A fitness enthusiast or even an individual practitioner in Fitness and Nutrition cannot afford subscription to prestigious research papers and journals. What many of us don’t know is that many journals allow full text access to their archived articles and some even their latest ones. Here is the list of the most useful links and resources you can explore for accessing full text research papers and articles:

  1. PubMed Central with Full Text Access: PubMed Central is the US National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine’s digital archive of thousands of full text articles from biomedical and life sciences journals. Link for PubMedC Journals with ‘Nutrition’ in the title:
  2. Medknow Publications: MedKnow also provide free access to digital editions of their (over 150) journals. Use the Search functionality to lookup relevant topics, authors: 

  3. HighWire Press Stanford University: HighWire Press is an publishing platform which facilitates digital distribution of over 3000 titles of research journals, books, etc. They have both paid and free articles available on their site. Review the full list here:
  4. Full PDF Open Access Scientific Journals: This link is a smart search sitting on top of google which provides only related pdf files for the search terms. It searches through open access scientific journals, theses, patents, etc and has been developed by Technology Intelligence company KnowMade SARL. Keyword search fetches great results for when you want to do some ‘extra’ reading on the topic of your choice. ’Free full pdf’ search: 

There are many more links and search sites (biggest of all Google Scholar), but the ones above will provide you access to top journals in Nutrition and Fitness Science.

With most of the links above you can register to receive mail alerts on new articles. This will keep you updated too. More about how to stay updated with all the research, in our next post.

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