INFS Successfully Conducted an Advanced Seminar ‘Train the Trainer’

Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences held a two day seminar in association with TomTom on 11th and 12th March, 2017 in Pune and Bengaluru respectively. The seminar had well known speakers like Menno Henselmans, Brad Dieter, Jitendra Chouksey and Sanne Leenman. It was a 4 hour seminar on both two days and visitors came in hundreds to soak in all the knowledge.

Menno Henselmans, was the first speaker on stage. Menno spoke about the training progression one must make as he advances from the beginner level to the advanced lifter. His first session on the Training Progression from Beginner to Advanced Lifters, for Optimal Results gave a different perspective on designing your training program for specific goals.

Menno also had a second session where he spoke about the much debated topic, ‘Metabolic Damage’. Extreme dieting for a prolonged period has been known to bring down the metabolism. But this theory was attached with a myth that this kind of dieting also causes a permanent damage to your metabolism for good while now which many prominent members in the fitness industry also agreed with. Menno Henselmans broke this myth in his second session titled ‘Metabolic Damage and Reverse Dieting’. He cited a number of research papers to justify his conclusion about how metabolic damage was an absolute myth and also that reverse dieting was not required by people who actually had reduced their metabolic rate.

Dr Brad Dieter was the other speaker who conducted his session on ‘Critical Review of Popular Fat Loss Strategies’. He discussed how different dieting strategies fared with different types of population and its impact. He also made a great comparison between the various popular dieting strategies like the ketogenic diet, zone diet and the low carb diets. His session gave insights on how much importance one must give to the macronutrient distribution while making your own diets.

Sanne Leenman was the next speaker who discussed ‘Exploring the mindset of successful body transformations’. You can diet all you want and prepare all the magical diets that supposedly give you the best results in this universe but all of it will be a huge waste if you cannot adhere to it. For this, Sanne explained, you need the right mindset for getting the desired changes in your physique. She discussed various theories and strategies to help one achieve success in their body transformation endeavours.

The last session of the day, Jitendra Chouksey’s session, was being looked forward to by many considering his large following in the Indian fitness industry. Though he was initially known as someone who achieved the physique of Adonis, he is today more popular for successfully setting up his multi- million dollar company, SQUATS Fitness Pvt. Ltd. and so he spoke about what it takes to run a business that bases its whole model around serving the society. Both days ended with the visitors reflecting and sharing their experience with the speakers and their mentors.

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