Resource List for Free Access to Full Text Research Articles

The high subscription fees for Research journals limits their accessibility to only a few. A fitness enthusiast or even an individual practitioner in Fitness and Nutrition cannot afford subscription to prestigious research papers and journals. What many of us don’t know is that many journals allow full text access to their archived articles and some even their latest ones. Here is the list of the most useful links and resources you can explore for accessing full text research papers and articles:

  1. PubMed Central with Full Text Access: PubMed Central is the US National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine’s digital archive of thousands of full text articles from biomedical and life sciences journals. Link for PubMedC Journals with ‘Nutrition’ in the title:
  2. Medknow Publications: MedKnow also provide free access to digital editions of their (over 150) journals. Use the Search functionality to lookup relevant topics, authors: 

  3. HighWire Press Stanford University: HighWire Press is an publishing platform which facilitates digital distribution of over 3000 titles of research journals, books, etc. They have both paid and free articles available on their site. Review the full list here:
  4. Full PDF Open Access Scientific Journals: This link is a smart search sitting on top of google which provides only related pdf files for the search terms. It searches through open access scientific journals, theses, patents, etc and has been developed by Technology Intelligence company KnowMade SARL. Keyword search fetches great results for when you want to do some ‘extra’ reading on the topic of your choice. ’Free full pdf’ search: 

There are many more links and search sites (biggest of all Google Scholar), but the ones above will provide you access to top journals in Nutrition and Fitness Science.

With most of the links above you can register to receive mail alerts on new articles. This will keep you updated too. More about how to stay updated with all the research, in our next post.

A Day in the Life of a Nutrition Consultant

Vishnu Mohan, a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant with SQUATS, shares with us his typical day while also recapturing his journey which led him to become a part of this industry:

“Hi, this is Vishnu and I am a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant with Squats. But one year back I was just a normal member of the Squats Facebook group. I took part in the Transformation challenge 2.0, was amongst the finalists and was selected into the induction group of INFS. I was given an opportunity to be one of the first few scholars of the very first batch of INFS.


That changed everything, this was an opportunity I could not afford to miss. The well designed syllabus of the course helped me attain all the knowledge that is required to be a consultant. After passing the expert course examination and clearing the interview I was on-boarded as a consultant based on my performance through the course. It was a dream come true, I was one of the few to become a consultant from the very first batch of INFS.

Vishnu’s Before and After Pics from the TC2.0 (SQUATS Transformation Challenge)

Now that I was a consultant it was an entirely different ball game. It was the real world and real clients, and slowly it became clients all over the world.  Believe me it is not an easy task to handle so many clients on a day to day basis provided you plan your day. Initially it was a bit difficult as I also used to work as a Business developer with a firm where I handled aerospace and automotive for U.S (this required me to work at night). But soon I realised that it was better to focus on what you love, so I resigned from my job and started working full time with Squats as a Consultant.

Everyday in Squats is different. Mainly because clients’ happiness and demands are very different. Some are very happy with the way you set things up while some are not at all happy with anything and everything  you do. But that is life, and you learn to become adept at handling both.

I usually start my day by going to the gym and once that is out of the way I start taking client queries around 11AM. Around 1PM or so I take a short break to prepare my meals for the day which takes me about 45 mins. I follow Intermittent Fasting and breakfast happens for me around 2pm, which suits me perfectly given my hectic mornings!

The remaining day is spent in follow-ups and tracking my client’s progress. This takes a major part of my day and is also the most important as I am able to better understand my clients motivation and goals. In the day I also find time to review research papers, read articles and explore different workout routines. You cannot survive in this industry for long if you do not keep updating yourself. The more you know, the more solutions you have for your client’s problems. To be honest I love this job, interacting with clients from different parts of the world,  you get to learn so much with each and every client handling experience, it is enriching.

Some of Vishnu’s Clients’ stunning transformations – meet Sameer, Vinay and Florence!

I have been in this industry from over 8 months now and I totally love it. Two years back I started my career after my MBA with a private firm, never could I imagine I would be a part of the fitness industry. Squats and INFS gave me the platform to change my hobby into a profession, where I am not only earning money (much more than many others in this industry), but also earning loads of love and respect from people all across the globe. Sometimes I feel like a celeb myself too 😉 I will share with you a recent experience when one of my clients met me for the first time at the gym. She started screaming my name loudly and asked me to pinch her. Everybody at the gym started staring at us. I was totally blown away and had turned red out of embarrassment. But you know what, I totally loved it (!) It gave me an experience which I could not even come close to in a normal desk job.

Vishnu Mohan, feeling like a celeb?!

Earlier life was just about achieving targets and earning bonus, now it is all about helping people and earning respect. I feel on top of the world when I receive messages and emails from clients about how thankful and happy they are with what they are able to achieve. It is not just about physical transformation, in this process I empower people, help them in getting a control of their lives in many ways. It is more than just monetary benefits, it gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

The journey has just begun and I have got an absolutely amazing start which has motivated me to aim for a lot more. Now each and every day I work on enhancing my knowledge and explore more opportunities, because you need to evolve to be always in the game.

Squats is more like a family than a company to me, where we look after each other. No milestone is unachievable as long as I am part of the wolf pack(!)

‘The Family’

Follow your passion and keep working towards it. You never know when opportunity is standing at your doorstep.

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‘Man Vs Metabolism’ – INFS invited guests featured in Pune Mirror

Online physique coach and fitness experts, Sanne Leenman and Menno Henselmans, were featured in the Pune Mirror. An excerpt of the published article:

It’s a common misconception that your metabolic rate is responsible for weight gain or loss and most use this as an excuse to not head out to exercise or eat sensibly. Mirror spoke to online physique coach from Netherlands, Menno Henselmans, and nutrition coach, Sanne Leenman, who were in the city recently for a seminar on fitness and nutrition. Organised by the Pune-based Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS), the seminar focussed on metabolism among other topics. Henselmans, who has authored studies on the subject, and Leenman, who has a huge following for her online meal plans, dispel some popular myths around metabolism.

There’s a lot of confusion around varying levels of metabolic rates that lead to higher or lower fat burning properties. “There is no evidence that low metabolism leads to weight gain. An individual’s metabolic rate doesn’t have nearly as much variation on an average,” says Henselmans, “The main issue is energy balance and the net energy storage or loss in the body.” When the energy input or intake of calories is higher than the output or energy expended, it naturally leads to weight gain. And since obesity disrupts the hormone system in the body, it could affect thyroid levels, which control the body’s metabolism.

Lower thyroid levels, especially T3 levels, affect your metabolic rate. Those with hypothyroidism have a lower metabolic rate, but it is another myth that this causes a significant weight gain. “The lower your thyroid levels, the lower your appetite,” says Leenman.

Sometimes, those who want to lose weight even go as far as taking thyroid hormones to increase their metabolism. “This messes up your natural hormone system and your appetite will increase with your thyroid levels increasing, so that still balances out your energy equilibrium if you eat more than what you’re supposed to,” says Leenman, who has worked with hypothyroid patients to achieve successful weight loss.

There is also no clinical proof to suggest that more women are prone to thyroid issues than men. But there’s good news. “Generally women have better metabolic rates, better insulin sensitivity, lower issues with fat intake,” says Henselmans, “So when women consume a high fat meal, it doesn’t suppress insulin sensitivity or induce insulin resistance as much as it does in men.”

Compared to men, women also find that fat is more satiating, but it’s important to note that fat is really good for the female hormone production. Women benefit from fat, especially when they’re really lean, because it keeps their menstrual cycle intact. “Generally, women respond better in terms of both adherence and physical change on slightly higher fat diets than men do,” adds Henselmans.

It’s proven that dieting does not decrease your metabolic rate. “My research team offered a paper on metabolic damage because the theory that a lot of people have is that if you diet, you damage your metabolism and that’s why afterwards, you get fat because you have lower energy expenditure.

Read full article here.

Menno Henselmans is on the Board of Advisors for INFS and actively contributes in insuring its course content is updated with the latest findings in research in Nutrition and Fitness. If you are interested in a career in fitness or want to update your knowledge, explore INFS’s comprehensive courses in Fitness and Nutrition here.

INFS Successfully Conducted an Advanced Seminar ‘Train the Trainer’

Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences held a two day seminar in association with TomTom on 11th and 12th March, 2017 in Pune and Bengaluru respectively. The seminar had well known speakers like Menno Henselmans, Brad Dieter, Jitendra Chouksey and Sanne Leenman. It was a 4 hour seminar on both two days and visitors came in hundreds to soak in all the knowledge.

Menno Henselmans, was the first speaker on stage. Menno spoke about the training progression one must make as he advances from the beginner level to the advanced lifter. His first session on the Training Progression from Beginner to Advanced Lifters, for Optimal Results gave a different perspective on designing your training program for specific goals.

Menno also had a second session where he spoke about the much debated topic, ‘Metabolic Damage’. Extreme dieting for a prolonged period has been known to bring down the metabolism. But this theory was attached with a myth that this kind of dieting also causes a permanent damage to your metabolism for good while now which many prominent members in the fitness industry also agreed with. Menno Henselmans broke this myth in his second session titled ‘Metabolic Damage and Reverse Dieting’. He cited a number of research papers to justify his conclusion about how metabolic damage was an absolute myth and also that reverse dieting was not required by people who actually had reduced their metabolic rate.

Dr Brad Dieter was the other speaker who conducted his session on ‘Critical Review of Popular Fat Loss Strategies’. He discussed how different dieting strategies fared with different types of population and its impact. He also made a great comparison between the various popular dieting strategies like the ketogenic diet, zone diet and the low carb diets. His session gave insights on how much importance one must give to the macronutrient distribution while making your own diets.

Sanne Leenman was the next speaker who discussed ‘Exploring the mindset of successful body transformations’. You can diet all you want and prepare all the magical diets that supposedly give you the best results in this universe but all of it will be a huge waste if you cannot adhere to it. For this, Sanne explained, you need the right mindset for getting the desired changes in your physique. She discussed various theories and strategies to help one achieve success in their body transformation endeavours.

The last session of the day, Jitendra Chouksey’s session, was being looked forward to by many considering his large following in the Indian fitness industry. Though he was initially known as someone who achieved the physique of Adonis, he is today more popular for successfully setting up his multi- million dollar company, SQUATS Fitness Pvt. Ltd. and so he spoke about what it takes to run a business that bases its whole model around serving the society. Both days ended with the visitors reflecting and sharing their experience with the speakers and their mentors.